New 720kW Puritalia Berlinetta almost ready to break cover

22 February 2019 - 09:00
The Puritalia Berlinetta promises 720kW worth of hybrid power
The Puritalia Berlinetta promises 720kW worth of hybrid power
Image: Supplied

After four years in the making, luxury supercar maker Puritalia Automobili will unveil the 720kW "super-hybrid" at the Geneva Motor Show early next month.

After launching the 427 roadster back in 2014, luxury sports car manufacturer Puritalia Automobili has spent the past four years developing the Berlinetta, a supercar equipped with a "super-hybrid" powertrain – V8 engine up front and electric motor in back – capable of generating 720kW and 1,248Nm of torque.

This model, whose parts are handcrafted and exclusively built-to-order, has a "carbon fiber body that offers the ideal 50/50 weight distribution for the perfect driving experience." Just painting and finishing the carbon fiber takes 800 hours, so it's no wonder that such a vehicle is targeted only at car enthusiasts and collectors.

The central tub will also be made from carbon fiber (with aluminum sub-frames), as well as the body panels. Likewise, the interior will feature a carbon fiber exposed finish.

The vehicle is fully-connected and can be controlled via an interior touchscreen, voice controls, or remotely by smartphone.

The Berlinetta will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 7 March, so even if you're not one of the "select elite" that the 150 vehicle units are reserved for, you can still feast your eyes on a supercar declared to be more powerful than the LaFerrari.