Franschhoek Lit Fest is the place to be

13 May 2022 - 21:50
By Mila de Villiers

’Twas nary impossible to either attend one of the many (many) events hosted by 2022’s Franschhoek Literary Festival or to pass a fellow fezzie-goer without hearing an “It’s so wonderful it’s happening in person again!”

After a hiatus of two years (owing to the pandemic), the annual literary festival in the quaint Western Cape dorpie of Franschhoek has reappropriated its essence: attending discussions ranging from the profound (think Damon Galgut) to the playful (think Fred Khumalo) featuring a vast variety of panel members followed by a chilled glass of vino. 

Speaking of chilled: (In) Accu Weather did not duly inform attendees to expect rain, yet spirits remained high despite the unexpected aerial deluges. (Well, irksome drizzle, but you catch my drift). 

And not to worry if you missed day one: the festival runs until Sunday. Here’s to hoping the seventh day of the week will truly put the “sun” in Sunday.

Click here to take a look at the programme, buy them tix — and don’t forget your brolly.