Hot tweets for hip-hop star JR

12 January 2011 - 01:08 By ANDILE NDLOVU

Hip-Hop star JR (real name Tabure Thabo Bogopa Junior) got a dressing down on Twitter from radio and TV presenter Bonang Matheba.

Bogopa, whose single Make the circle beega was a hit, irked Matheba when he criticised Johannesburg radio station Yfm's playlist.

"Dear Yfm, just because a song has been released, doesn't mean its a SINGLE!! ur bombarding our ears with nonsense," he tweeted.

Within minutes responses were pouring in. Although it is not clear which song he was referring to, Matheba hit back: "SMH!!! (Shake My Head). You not liking a song, doesn't make it rubbish babe!!".

Bogopa backtracked swiftly, saying he "loved" the song and "woke up to download it this morning". He said the song was not an official single acquired from a record label.

Then Matheba told him to switch his radio off it he did not enjoy what he was hearing.

A miffed Bogopa defended himself: "Ok this is my opinion, and therefore is the right one for me . SMH! i aint forcing it on u, unless u really are that stupid."

Matheba, Yfm DJ and SABC1 music show Live presenter, went: "Ok hun! Our listeners want to hear the song, they don't care where we get it from, they just want to hear it . as a public figure, don't go on a public platform and diss a medium that SUPPORTS YOU!!"

He hit back: "I make music for the STREETS that RADIO has to play . Period."