Kenny Kunene compares whites, Mmusi Maimane to monkeys in twar over race

15 January 2016 - 14:03 By Times LIVE

"Sushi king" Kenny Kunene has spent the last several days on Twitter engaging in a twar over race – after former real estate agent Penny Sparrow compared black people to monkeys.

At first it was simply a matter of turnabout being fair play, with Kunene saying that whites compare black people to monkeys the whole time:

And then he posted a picture of Mmusi Maimane as a monkey...

Which is evidently okay because Maimane is now white apparently.

Of course one can't expect great gender politics from a man known primarily for eating sushi off of women's bellies. An no, we're not going to include the tweet where he posted a picture of a naked man, saying it was "Mr Sparrow patently(sic) waiting for Penny to suck that d**k".

Kunene expressed his admiration for how Robert Mugabe handled race relations.

And ended his tweets with a warning: