Steve Hofmeyr confident funds will be raised to meet Trump over 'white-genocide' in SA

17 January 2017 - 18:59 By Kyle Zeeman
Steve Hofmeyr. File photo
Steve Hofmeyr. File photo
Image: Supplied

A crowdfunding initiative established to raise funds in an attempt to set up a meeting between Steve Hofmeyr and US president-elect Donald Trump has been applauded by the Afrikaans singer.

Hofmeyr has told TshisaLIVE that he would be "honoured" to represent a group who have called on him to meet with Trump over what they call a "white genocide" in South Africa.

A petition calling for the musician and farmers' rights activist Henk van de Graaf to meet Trump, and for the US president-elect to "grant the white people of South Africa their independence", was developed by a Facebook group called Kommando Sorg (commando support).

At the time of publishing this story the petition had gathered just over 200 signatures since its launch 11 days ago.

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Hofmeyr said the group had so far raised over R20,000 of its R100,000 goal and is confident that the full amount will be sourced.

"I have no doubt the costs will be met. But, as an Afrikaner, I am convinced that we'll have to first survive some in-fighting, some government rage and then the overlooked practicalities of getting such an appointment with POTUS (the president of the United States of America).

"But once there, I would repeat keynotes of my European and UN addresses. Genocide is only one article of it. The advent of land grabs, the end of freedom of expression and 114 extra race-based laws has turned us into an insignificant communist state, deserving of sanctions - not the lenient US chequebook," Hofmeyr explained.

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On the group's officials Facebook page, the petition claims farm murders are being "covered-up".

"We are going to work together as one volk (people) with one objective: We are going to end this black on white genocide. We are going to work together as one people to attain our independence," reads a post on the group."