Actress Fulu Mugovhani spars with traditional stereotypes in boxing role

04 September 2017 - 09:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Fulu Mugovhani is pushing boundaries with her new role on Ring of Lies.
Fulu Mugovhani is pushing boundaries with her new role on Ring of Lies.
Image: Via Fulu Mugovhani's Instagram

Former Scandal! actress Fulu Mugovhani is challenging traditional stereotypes with her role as a no-nonsense musangwe boxer on Mzansi Magic's drama series Ring of Lies.

The actress who plays a character who defies traditional Venda expectations to become a boxer, competing with men in the Venda cultural past time used to test the toughness of its participants.

Fulu told TshisaLIVE that she was intrigued by the character when it was first given to her and wanted to use it to encourage debate about gender norms.

"It is a challenging role but as a creative I jumped at the chance to put the spotlight on such a big issue. It is important to start a debate," she said.

Coming from a Venda home, Fulu said many of her family members and neighbours expressed their concern over her taking part in the traditional male-only sport. She said that she saw nothing wrong with pushing boundaries.

"If I can watch (American TV series) The Fixer "where a black woman can be in such a dominant political position, I can play the role of a woman boxer in a male dominated sport," Fulu added.

The actress said she was not concerned about there being serious backlash from traditionalists because it dealt with a sport and not a sacred ceremony.

"It is the same as Laila Ali fighting for the rights of female boxers until it became more common. I am no feminist but I want to show that women can compete with men, even if society doesn't think so right now," she said.