Somizi claps back at tweep over Jesus, acceptance & his shopping habits

12 March 2018 - 07:35 By Jessica Levitt
Somizi ain't got no time for your opinions.
Somizi ain't got no time for your opinions.
Image: Via Instagram

Somizi, his bae and some pals are having the time of their lives in Paris. And SomGaga is giving fans an inside look at his vaycay by posting pictures and videos of the trip.

Of course, Somizi was going to shop till he dropped and he made sure to show us proof of his card swipes.

While most people asked him to bring them a bag, one person didn't think the shopping spree was such a great idea.

"When you die you leave all that behind Somizi. Make sure you accept Jesus first," wrote the person.

In Paris, with his bae, Somizi didn't let it slide.

"Wena, when you die make sure you leave the thought that you can tell people who to accept. Just accept that some of us don't give a shit what you think should be acceptable."

Consider him schooled.