Khaya Dladla is working on his music & we have the deets!

Will it be gqom, soul or house? There's also a song in Hindi...

30 May 2018 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Khaya Dladla has been cooking up some music.
Khaya Dladla has been cooking up some music.
Image: Via Instagram

You might or might know that Uzalo’s GC can hold a note and Khaya Dladla says his music will be something to look forward to. 

The actor told TshisaLIVE that his music is going to be interesting, like a song in which he sings in Hindi… yes the language Hindi...

Coming from a theatre background, Khaya said that he made his name through musicals and has been waiting for quite some time to introduce Mzansi to the singer in him.

Here’s how our convo went:

So what is in the pipeline for Khaya now?

“A lot of things are still hush-hush but I’m excited for my music. My music. I’ve been cooking for a long time and scared to release.”

Wait… music?

“Yeah. I sing. I come from musical theatre. My entire career stems from theatre where you often need to sing, dance and act. So my music is resurfacing and I had to rework it because I’ve been so nervous to let it go.”

Why the nerves?

“My first song was supposed to come out a week after Wololo. But when I heard Wololo, this is even before it blew up, I knew it was a hit and I freaked out. That song was amazing, so I was like no no no, pull back I’m not releasing this song right now.”

So why do you think you are ready now?

“People like aboTira said to me, 'you know what you need to let it go. If it’s a nice song it’s a nice song and people will like it and if not they won’t like it and you’ll move on and make another track. So I have been receiving motivation from giants in the industry and they are helping me, you know with where I want to be.”

Okay so what kind of music is it and what is the plan of action?

“That was the biggest problem I had, in terms of finding my sound. So what we actually decided on was that instead of dropping an album, I’ll just drop singles of the different genres I am able to do, that I enjoy doing. My album will be directed by the reactions of the singles. So if people respond better to tribal house or to soul music, then that’s what I’ll do. I don’t wanna make music that people don’t wanna hear.

Okay… so how long do we have to camp on your social media before you give us the music?

“Well not too long. I’ve been recording my studio sessions but didn’t wanna raise hopes in people. But the music is ready, it's just a matter of timing and I've been keeping everything to myself to avoid unnecessary pressure."

What can we expect?

“I’ve worked with different people and have songs in different languages. I just finished a song in Hindi, like yes the Indian language. I also have a song in Portuguese. Someone decided to teach me Hindi I took it a bit too deep and asked how to I say certain things in Hindi and it became a song.”

And to your fans waiting in anticipation?

“Be ready. You must be ready! You know what; I’m one of the people you don’t give a chance to. I’m too hungry, I don’t let go of chances. Uzalo gave me a chance to do three episodes in the first season and look at me now? So that’s just who I am. I am too hungry to let go of chances.”

If you've heard his alter-ego Gold Diva sing or his Uzalo character... then you will know that hearing Khaya is going to super exciting. Will it be a yay or nay... only time can tell.

We can't wait.