#SurvivorSA Tom wins the title of ultimate survivor

16 August 2018 - 20:30 By Jessica Levitt
Tom is the winner!
Tom is the winner!
Image: Supplied

It's official. Tom Swartz was voted the winner of Survivor SA: Philippines during a live reunion show held in Cape Town on Thursday night.

He went head-to-head against Jeanne Michel in the final episode of the show and faced a grilling from the jury.

Despite being labelled "one of the most annoying" cast members on the show, Tom walked away with the R1-million prize money.

The duo battled it out on the island for 39 days on a remote island in the Philippines. 

Although some people on the jury said the two of them didn't deserve to be in the final two, Tom said he had earned his stripes.

He said he had been told he wouldn't make it to the top five and as time went by, he made big moves and played a key role in who was voted out.

Here's what Mzansi had to say.