Zoleka Mandela is pregnant with her 5th child

31 October 2018 - 10:38 By Karishma Thakurdin
Zoleka Mandela has revealed she's pregnant again.
Zoleka Mandela has revealed she's pregnant again.
Image: Instagram/ Zoleka Mandela

In what can be described as a great midweek surprise, Zoleka Mandela revealed she's pregnant again. 

The social activist and author announced her 5th pregnancy on Instagram with a collage of pictures on Tuesday. 

"Darling, you’re pulling a caravan! That is what my day one (my grandmother) used to say about my big booty! This was me yesterday. I was sporting my new 'push and pull' look. I’m pushing and pulling serious caravan loads these days!!!" 

Zoleka's husband Thierry Bashala also confirmed the news on his Instagram page. 

In January Zoleka poured her heart out about the risks that come with falling pregnant as a two-time cancer surviour. 

Zoleka said that her oncologist advised her that falling pregnant could cause the cancer to return, spread or even be incurable. 

"I am 37 years old and have been pushed into early/medical menopause twice in my life. Pregnancy and weight gain increases estrogen in my body which only accelerates the growth of cancer cells." 

She was devastated by the advice because all she wanted was another baby. 

"I cried myself to sleep last night, told myself I'd only cry for an hour then keep it moving but only fell asleep around 2am, having cried for what felt like the entire day ... I just want to have another baby, I thought I would be in the process of trying for twins this year. I guess I haven't quite come to terms with my infertility."