TDK Macassette is here to put some colour into gqom music

TDK Macassette wants to leave some gqom Barbie magic on the music hall of fame

05 December 2018 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
TDK Macassette also goes as the Gqom Barbie.
TDK Macassette also goes as the Gqom Barbie.
Image: Instagram/TDK Macassette

While it looks like gqom is the one genre of music that every Tom, Palesa and Maria claims to be able to do, only a few people can make successful hit songs in the genre and TDK Macassette believes she's one of them.

If your still don't know who TDK Macassette, aka Gqom Barbie, is well then you need to update your Twitter followers because you are clearly missing out.

The star, who has been compared to Babes Wodumo, said that she is different to all the other artists out there.

"The one thing I know for a fact is that I have a lot to offer and I am different. I don't take anything for granted. I find opportunities to be better to take my art higher and just win, I have no doubt that this industry will benefit from my effort," she told TshisaLIVE in a recent interview.

The KZN-born star found her way to fame after studying PR and making the right connections in the industry. Knowing the right people lead to being at the right places at the right time. After a while, TDK was not just "hanging out" in the studio, she was making music.

"I used to just hang out because I loved the atmosphere. I hadn't put my finger on what it was about the studio that made me feel at home.  One day, as we were just fooling around, I realised that I was actually good at making music and I could make a song. I wrote a chorus and, from there, there was no looking back."

The sexy artist was originally part of the hit song iWalk Ye Para. But she fell out with producer DJ Maphorisa and was replaced by Moonchild on the song.

TDK said she's over the whole "stolen song saga" and was now focused on her single titled Zama.

"I think my secret is I have never been anything other than my real self. I know why I am here. I am passionate about everything that I do, from my education to my music and my business. I think that is what fuels me, passion."