IN MEMES | Thakane's family is tired of her selling everything for glue!

05 March 2019 - 09:06 By Chrizelda Kekana
Bishop Makamu is the host of Rea Tsotella.
Bishop Makamu is the host of Rea Tsotella.
Image: Supplied/ Moja Love

If you've been in the unfortunate circumstances where you had to live with a drug addict of any kind then you know that mostly nothing is ever safe around addicts and that they'll sell anything for a fix.

That is exactly what brought Thakane's family to intervention reality show Rea Tsotella.

They hoped that Bishop would help them with an intervention for their daughter as she sniffs glue, sells things in the house, is rude and fights everyone at home, including her mother.

While many felt sorry for the young woman's family and others wished that she could get help, many felt that Thakane was misunderstood and that the problem was deeper than what they saw.

They expressed their feels in memes.