WATCH | Trevor Noah asks fans to help keep The Daily Show on air in the US

25 March 2019 - 13:52 By Chrizelda Kekana
Trevor Noah's show may be in danger of being canned.
Trevor Noah's show may be in danger of being canned.
Image: Gallo Images / Jeffrey Abrahams

SA comedian Trevor Noah has appealed to his fan base in the US to help keep The Daily Show on air as American broadcast service provider AT&T-DirectTV is planning to drop Comedy Central. 

It emerged over the weekend that the broadcaster apparently intends to cut out Comedy Central and 22 other channels. 

Trevor asked fans to take action to prevent the show from "shutting down". He took to social media to ask them to call in and tell service providers they simply can't do without his show.

The announcement was received with mixed reactions from people, who questioned why the channel was apparently canned.  

Trevor took over as the host of the show from American comedian Jon Stewart in 2015.

Although Trevor's won over many fans of his own since then, he's also faced a couple of challenges and has hogged headlines for some of the things he's said on the show.

Even though Trevor would benefit more from having Americans show up for him, there's no doubt his fellow South Africans are fully behind him.

For every nasty comment that popped up under his announcement from a naysayer, there was a person (mostly South Africans) that issued major clapbacks.

It seems like Trevor has a lot of support from all over the world, the question now is will they let AT &T-DirectTV know?