Comedian Thenjiwe throws shade at David Mabuza: 'He's the only politician on lockdown'

02 March 2021 - 11:00
Thenjiwe Moseley took shots at the deputy president.
Thenjiwe Moseley took shots at the deputy president.
Image: Via Thenjiwe Moseley's Instagram

Imbewu actress and comedian Thenjiwe Moseley has never been shy to take shots at politicians and celebs, this week taking aim at deputy president David Mabuza.

As the country moves to level 1 of the Covid-19 lockdown, Thenjiwe rolled onto the Instagram TL to crack a joke about Mabuza.

“Our deputy president once said ... ngzoke Ngizwe,” she wrote in a picture note, captioning it with a silence emoji.

Her followers were hosing themselves with laughter, with many sharing the joke.

“Who is he by the way?” asked one fan.

“Do we have a deputy president?” asked another.

Thenjiwe responded with a hilarious smackdown, writing “Google says we do but asimazi”.

She then labelled Mabuza “the only politician on lockdown”.

As regulations start easing and limits on social gatherings are lifting, Thenjiwe said she is excited about returning to stand up comedy, joking to a fan that she was “planning to start performing to my walls. Please come and rescue me.”