Eat chinese chive pies next to Happy Man

12 September 2012 - 02:29 By Andrea Burgener

Andre Burgener has been immersed in all things food since she took over the making of the family's lunch box sandwiches aged eight (her mom could make a mean creme brulee and a staggering souffle, but could never butter the bread all the way to the edges.


I THINK of Derrick Street as the new Chinatown because Commissioner Street will always be the real Chinatown to me. But, much more than a decade old now, the long eating strip in Cyrildene is actually not so jolly new, I have to keep reminding myself.

The weird thing is that to non-Chinese diners, most places on the drag are still totally unknown (in sharp contrast to the original Chinatown, which was a veritable melting pot).

Anyway, if you do explore the strip, one of the most excellent places to try is the now legendary Dumpling Shop, only as wide as a car. The silken ivory steamed dumplings are famous, but for me the real attraction, coming off a stove plate at the front of the shop, are the chive pies, which are like giant fried panzerottis.

Get at least three per person, and eat there or take them home (reheat in the oven for five minutes - a microwave is murder to them - and serve with soy sauce and chilli). These are truly worth crossing town for.

I ignorantly call it the Dumpling Shop but actually there is no English name outside. All I can tell you is that it's right at the south end, two shops away from Happy Man restaurant (another fantastic place to eat). You'll see the pies and buns being cooked at the entrance.


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Mr Adria is better known for far more refined haute stuff than this, but you don't get there without knowing the basics.

Chimichurri, the fine and famous South American sauce, is one of the best things to dollop over your braaied meat this summer.

It is dead simple - and it will keep in the fridge for about two weeks.

For a big jar: 120g onions / 30g garlic / 50g parsley / 500g ripe tomatoes / ½ red chilli / pinch dried thyme / teaspoon dried oregano / pinch ground cumin / pinch dried paprika / flake salt to taste / ½ lemon / 40g sherry vinegar / 80g white wine vinegar / 250g olive oil / 160g good vegetable oil / 250g water (strangely, but it works).

How: chop onions, garlic, parsley and tomatoes (deseeded) finely.

Grate in the lemon zest. Add remaining ingredients, stir well and bottle.