Jealous boyfriends kill 3 in separate incidents in Namibia

24 March 2016 - 16:22 By Agency Staff

Three people have, between Sunday and Wednesday, lost their lives through fits of jealousy in the Kavango East district of Namibia, according to a report.

Crime scene
Crime scene
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In Gobabis, 18-year-old Odilo Motanane was allegedly killed by a 47-year-old police officer during an altercation between the two.

According to local newspaper New Era, Motanane was shot after an argument broke out between him and the policeman over a 22-year-old woman who was alleged to have been in intimate relationships with both men. 

It was alleged that the police officer drove to his lover's house on Wednesday morning and found her at home with her teenage lover. After demanding that the woman open the door to the room that both her and her lover were in, the officer proceeded to open fire, killing the teenager before shooting his lover and subsequently, himself.

Both the police officer and his lover were said to be in a critical condition and were being treated at separate hospitals. 

In a separate incident, a 29-year-old Ndiyona resident was alleged to have shot his 20-year-old girlfriend in the head on Monday.

The victim, identified as Briginia Kunyanda, died on the spot while her boyfriend turned the gun on himself.

The man was said to be currently fighting for his life at the Nyangana Hospital, where he remained in critical condition.

The incident occurred a day after a Swakopmund resident was allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

Ottilie Kashupuulwa, Deputy Commissioner, confirmed that the victim, identified as Johannes Shitumbapo, was stabbed several times in the chest and back.

"The ex-boyfriend allegedly became aggressive when the new lovers arrived at his residence [to collect the girlfriend's belongings] and started to stab the boyfriend," Kashupuulwa stated.

The suspected killer was arrested and was expected to appear in court on Thursday.

According to a separate New Era report, 48 murder cases involving domestic relations were recorded between January and December last year.

Statistics showed that 25 women were killed in 2013, while a further 12 people were killed between January and February 2014 alone due to domestic disputes.

Source: News 24