Durban man killed Gasa after he attempted to kiss him: testimony

23 April 2013 - 16:55 By Sapa
Nhlanhla Gasa. File photo.
Nhlanhla Gasa. File photo.

The man who allegedly killed Durban businessman Nhlanhla Gasa stabbed him after he tried to kiss him on the cheek, the Durban Regional Court heard on Tuesday.

In a statement read by his lawyer Hycenth Mlothswa, Mbulelo Arthur Ntlauzana, 25, said he visited Gasa on March 26 at his home in Durban.

While they were watching television, Gasa put his left hand on Ntlauzana's lap.

"He was brushing me and looking at me in a sexual manner. He was speaking softly, saying that he has always had feelings for me," he said.

Ntlauzana said Gasa then reached toward him and kissed him on the cheek.

He said he told Gasa he was "straight" and that he had children and a girlfriend.

"He said no one has to know about the arrangement. He said he would support me financially," Ntlauzana said.

He refused Gasa's advances and told him he saw him only as a mentor.

Ntlauzana claimed Gasa got angry and tried to hit him with a bottle of Jack Daniels. He grabbed hold of the bottle. Gasa then tried to punch him.

"I used the bottle and assaulted him with it on the head," Ntlauzana said.

Gasa allegedly threatened to kill Ntlauzana, but he ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife off the counter.

He threatened Gasa with the knife, but Gasa continued approaching him. He then ran to the lounge with the knife. Gasa followed him and grabbed him from behind.

"He tried to overpower me, pushing me toward the sofa and he came towards me. I stabbed him in quick succession," Ntlauzana said in his statement. He did not know how many times he stabbed him.

Ntlauzana was arrested in Groutville on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast on April 13.

Gasa's body was found floating in the Tugela River four weeks ago. Police found his burnt-out Jaguar several metres away.

Gasa is the father of South African television personality Noni Gasa.

The courtroom was packed with Gasa's friends and family.

Ntlauzana's mother sobbed during the court proceedings.

The trial continues.