Beer on tap prank goes viral

18 September 2013 - 09:36 By and
Image: ©kazoka/

It's a prank that's gone viral - a group of friends wired up their mate's home so that beer flowed from every tap in the house.

The unsuspecting target's shocked reaction is filmed on 14 hidden cameras installed throughout his Auckland home, according to reports on Australia's 9News Entertainment and the UK's Daily Mail Online websites.

A video of the prank, which has already drawn over 500 000 views on YouTube, shows his friends waiting for him to leave home before crawling under the house to connect the mains water supply to beer kegs.

When the man - identified only as Russ - gets home with a partner they immediately make their way to the kitchen. The woman turns on a tap and watches in surprise as an amber liquid flows out.

"What the hell?" Russ exclaims, inspecting the stream of alcoholic beverage with a sniff.

Then he notes that his tap is not only pouring beer but it's cold too.

Bemused, Russ then goes to the bathroom and discovers more booze flowing.

He gets into his overalls and goes under the house to investigate and discovers the ruse.

The video, to be used as a viral marketing campaign, was a collaboration with New Zealand brewer Tui.

"It was a match made in heaven," Tui's spokesman told 9News.

The spokesman said the men had done all the work themselves and the professionals who helped set up the prank were part of the group of friends.

He said no one was paid to participate in the film.