UCT will withdraw ‘offers of amnesty if disruptions continue’

19 October 2016 - 09:30 By TMG Digital

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has warned that it will take “offers of amnesty” off the negotiating table “if disruptions continue and full university activities are prevented from resuming”.

Vice-chancellor Dr Max Price on Tuesday condemned “the violence of the last two days” after the university resumed activities to salvage the academic year.

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“I would like to extend my gratitude and empathy to the staff and students who have experienced harassment or intimidation and have still worked tirelessly through this four-week period‚” he said.

Violence broke out at the University of Cape Town on Tuesday as protesters clashed with security‚ used trolleys as battering rams and pelted security guards in riot gear with rubbish bins.

Earlier on Tuesday‚ UCT reported that “a car carrying four students and sewage canisters was intercepted on Woolsack Drive”. They were “apprehended and later released by the SAPS”.

UCT also said it “has laid a charge of assault against two individuals after an altercation” with Price‚ who was punched last Friday after being jostled by protesters who “encircled him”‚

Price said on Tuesday that management was still “open to engaging with the protesting students‚ who are largely represented by the group called the SRC Candidates”.

But‚ he cautioned that any “agreement reached will need to be based on a mutual understanding that…offers of amnesty will be withdrawn if disruptions continue and full university activities are prevented from resuming”.

“While we will engage the security that is needed to continue with the academic programme as planned‚ we believe that a sustainable solution will more likely be achieved if we can find agreement and compromise‚” he said.