Meet Arthur‚ the month-old rhino who tried to save his mom from poachers

01 June 2018 - 13:27 By Kgaugelo Masweneng
Arthur‚ the baby rhino who tried to save his mother from poachers.
Arthur‚ the baby rhino who tried to save his mother from poachers.
Image: Gift of the Givers/Facebook

A four-week-old baby rhino tried his best to save his mother‚ taking blows from a machete as he valiantly fronted up against marauding poachers.

Despite his best efforts‚ Arthur’s mother was killed - and hero Arthur was left physically‚ emotionally and psychologically traumatised after the ordeal. He was hacked with a machete during the ordeal

“Baby rhinos commonly die from emotional trauma rather than wounds‚ especially when they are separated from their mother‚” said Michelle Potgieter who started the initiative to help Arthur.

“Arthur required tender loving care‚ a gentle touch and an expert wound specialist to nurse him to health in a safe‚ secret and private rehabilitation environment.”

A volunteer at a rhino sanctuary‚ Liz Wilson-Chandler‚ a specialist wound care nurse and team member of Gift of the Givers‚ intervened with her amazing skills to assist the baby rhino.

Potgieter said Arthur was recovering well since the incident‚ which took place on May 20 at the Kruger National Park.

“He is jumping and playing around so it shows he is getting better. It’s a process though‚” she said.

Wound dressings and medical supplies have poured in from BSN‚ Ligamed‚ Electrospyres‚ Acetily‚ Umzinzi Health and Safarnex.

“We thank these companies. Surplus stock can now be used to assist rhinos in various sanctuaries throughout South Africa. Calls for assistance have been received as far afield as Namibia‚” the Gift of the Givers said.

Potgieter said the perpetrators were since apprehended.

Those wanting to support the project and those requiring assistance for traumatised rhinos can contact Potgieter on 0767853437.