Smuts Ngonyama quits Cope

25 April 2014 - 15:31 By TimesLIVE, Smuts Ngonyama

Smuts Ngonyama has quit Cope, but won't say which party he'll join yet. Read his resignation letter here

Dear Madame


I hope this correspondence finds you well. It is with regret that I write to inform you that as my term as a COPE Member of Parliament is coming to an end, I will simultaneously resign as a card carrying member of COPE.

From the time COPE was established it became a pleasure to work with most of the colleagues at National committee level, in parliament and especially with the general membership at large.  This environment was enhanced by the fact that whilst in office we may have had our differences, but we were bound together by the important common objectives of serving the people of South Africa and enriching multiparty democracy.

The founder members of COPE had envisioned it to be a progressive and credible alternative that would be a microcosm of a democratic nation characterised by common national identity and good principles. Fortunately, this vision was endorsed by more than one million South Africans during the 2009 national general elections. This was a milestone towards the maturity of our democracy. Suddenly, this vision that so many cherished was counterpunched and undermined from within. In light of this, many credible members who participated in the founding of COPE started serious introspection about how best they could serve the South African society.

Despite the efforts of many members in trying to keep to the initial course of political direction the negative political environment persisted. This situation has regrettably become untenable and has therefore left me with no other option but to end my association with COPE.

In conclusion, I would like to express a profound word of gratitude to all those that I worked with; for shared experience and support given to me in all my work. I also wish everyone the best of times and success in all their endeavors. I will forever value the experience I gained during my political tenure with COPE.

Yours sincerely

Lulama Smuts Ngonyama.