'When we take over in 2024 we will fund Hamas,' says Malema

23 October 2023 - 18:58
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EFF leader Julius Malema addressing supporters outside the Israeli embassy in Pretoria.
EFF leader Julius Malema addressing supporters outside the Israeli embassy in Pretoria.
Image: EFF Twitter

EFF leader Julius Malema has vowed to fund Hamas if his party wins the 2024 elections.

“When the EFF takes over next year it is going to arm Hamas and make sure they have the necessary equipment to fight for their freedom. Israelian President Benjamin Netanyahu is a number one terrorist and he must be declared everywhere he goes [sic].

“He must never know peace, he is a terrorist and murderer committing genocide in Palestine in the name of attacking Hamas, yet he is attacking innocent women and children and the world must fight against terrorists [sic],” he said.

“There is nothing wrong with what Hamas did. These fork tongues speaking in parables not speaking any sense is wrong. When you are oppressed the only option you have is to fight. That's what Hamas is doing, They are fighting for their freedom, [former president Nelson] Mandela did the same thing — he took out the guns and fought for the people of South Africa [sic].”

Malema praised Hamas for “fighting back” against Israel, comparing their struggle for freedom to the apartheid oppression once faced by South Africans.

“When you are oppressed the only option is to confront the enemy and shoot to kill. People came, took Palestinian land, every year they extend their occupation. When you look at the map of Palestine there is nothing left of their land. The people of Palestine have got nothing to lose but their chains. They must stand up and fight for their freedom [sic].”

Malema criticised those who condemned Hamas, saying the ANC's uMkhonto WeSizwe military wing once operated in the same fashion.

“Condemning Hamas is an act of cowardice. I heard some fool saying we can't compare Hamas to Mandela and them — they are the same. OR Tambo, Chris Hani, Winnie Mandela, Steve Biko — all did the same things [sic].

“Where did this ANC and MK get money to have guns and ammunition and food during apartheid? The international progressive world gave them the support, their camps, even Cuba gave them doctors. They were called terrorists just like Hamas — but people didn't see terrorists in them, they saw liberators.

“The reason we are able to march here today and do it freely without soldiers carrying guns and intimidated is because the people of the world stood with us during difficult times. It was the people from Nigeria who took money from their salaries, donating to liberation movements for us to get our freedom. It took the anti-apartheid movement in America, the UK and many other parts of the world who stood in solidarity with us and said we will not sit down and watch the Afrikaner apartheid regime to kill our people. That's how we have our freedom today.”

He urged EFF supporters to continue to be “on the right side of history” and support the Palestinian liberation efforts.

“We must always stand against evil. What type of government goes and bombs hospitals, when people have run away for refuge, where the sick gets help, where children and pregnant women are housed? You say you are looking for Hamas but you are killing innocent children?”

Malema criticised at the ANC who also marched to the Israeli embassy on Friday, saying they were “doing it for PR” as they failed to order the Israeli ambassador to leave the country.

“They've got the power to remove this nonsense, they are just not doing it because they are getting money from the Israeli government — which is why they are scared of them.

“McDonald's is giving Israelian soldiers food. We want McDonald's in SA to distance itself from those acts. They've got until the end of this month to issue a statement distancing themselves from what McDonald's is doing in Israel, giving murderers food. Woolworths has got a responsibility, by end of this month, to remove any product on their shelves that comes from Israel. If they do not do it, we will go and do it ourselves. We don't want any product of Israel sold here in SA [sic].”

The EFF was joined by Al-Jama-ah leader Ismail Moosa and Areta leader Carl Niehaus and their supporters.


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