Everyone thought Tiger Woods was done, even himself

16 April 2019 - 08:42 By Odwa Mjo
Tiger Woods celebrating after winning the 2019 Masters at Augusta National in the US.
Tiger Woods celebrating after winning the 2019 Masters at Augusta National in the US.
Image: Reuters/Brian Snyder

Following a scandalous personal life played out in the public and a professional career that took a dip in the past years, Tiger Woods has been subject to criticism and has been doubted by many who believed that his career was done.

On Sunday, Woods won his 15th major title and his fifth masters at Augusta National, Georgia, in the US Woods also suffered chronic back pains in the past few years which also hindered his performance.

In the low moments of his career, Woods has always kept his head high when responding to haters.

Jack Nicklaus

In 2018, the veteran golfer Jack Nicklaus said Woods needs to learn "to win again" ahead of the Memorial Tournament, Sporting News reported.

"I think this understanding of what it takes to finish it off and get a W. I've been on runs where it came pretty easy, getting Ws and other stretches where it was difficult. This is a little different because I'm coming back off not really playing for a while," Woods said.


After winning the PGA Tour in 2018 for the first time in five years, Skratch TV released a video of the golfer watching video clips of those who doubted his comeback. The video included clips of several sports analysts and anchors saying Woods was "washed up" and should "retire with dignity". Woods simply nodded with a smile.

Doubting himself 

Following a decline in his performance, at some point Woods was also sceptical of his ability to return to champion status.

"I've explained throughout the year that I just did not know whether or when this would ever happen again," he said in 2018, following his first win at the Tour Championship since 2013.

"If I could somehow piece together a golf swing this year, I feel like I could do it, my hands are good enough. I just did not know if I could piece together a golf swing but somehow I've been able to do that."