Lamberti resigns from Business Leadership SA

17 April 2018 - 07:36 By Sunita Menon
Imperial CEO Mark Lamberti. File photo.
Imperial CEO Mark Lamberti. File photo.

Imperial CEO Mark Lamberti has resigned from the board of Business Leadership SA (BLSA)‚ following his resignation from the Eskom board.

This comes in the wake of the recent ruling in the High Court in Pretoria that found he had discriminated against a former employee.

BLSA chairman Jabu Mabuza said in a statement on Monday: "BLSA members are committed to playing their part in creating a South Africa of increasing prosperity for all and to delivering economic growth‚ transformation and inclusion‚ amongst others‚ by encouraging and empowering senior black leadership."

In the context of the court ruling‚ Mabuza added that the board appreciated Lamberti's apology. Lamberti was BLSA's longest-serving director.

"BLSA also appreciates the commitment provided by Mr Lamberti and the Imperial Board to accelerate the Imperial Group's transformation initiatives of recent years."

BLSA said this was an important lesson for its members on managing transformation.

The court found that Lamberti had wrongfully impaired the dignity of former Imperial employee Adila Chowan by referring to her as a "female employment equity candidate".

Chowan was fired in 2015 following allegations of misconduct. She was summarily suspended and investigated after she laid a grievance about Lamberti's comments.

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