LATEST Launch: 'Parcel of Death' (August 22)

Join Gaongalelwe Tiro in conversation with Kwanele Sosibo at the launch of his uncle's biography.

Events Launch: 'So You Want to Build a Startup?' by Matthew Buckland (August 21)
Events Joburg launch: 'Betrayal' by Jonathan Ancer (August 20)
Events Launch: 'South Africa's Survival Guide to Climate Change' (August 13)
Events Launch: 'After Dawn' by Mcebisi Jonas (August 13)
Events Discussion: how has apartheid shaped our present? (August 14)
Events Joburg launch of 'The Stellenbosch Mafia' by Pieter du Toit (August 6)
Events Launch: 'A Guide to Sexual Health & Pleasure' by Dr T (August 7)
Events Bekendstelling: 'In my vel' deur Azille Coetzee (Augustus 6)
Events Launch: 'Because I Couldn't Kill You' by Kelly-Eve Koopman (August 7)
Events Cape Town launch of 'The Stellenbosch Mafia' (July 31)
Events Bekendstelling: Debbie Loots se tweede roman (Augustus 5)
Events Joburg launch of 'The Enforcers' by Caryn Dolley (July 30)
Events Launch: Susan Newham-Blake's 'As if Born to You' (July 25)
Events Launch: 'Civilising Grass' by Jonathan Cane (July 24)
Events Cape Town launch: 'Living Coloured' by Yusuf Daniels (July 18)
Events Meet mountaineer Adrian Hayes in Cape Town (July 16)
Events Johannesburg launch: 'One Man's Climb' by Adrian Hayes (July 17)
Events Launch: 'The Cape Radicals' by Crain Soudien (July 13)
Events Launch: 'Living Coloured' by Yusuf Daniels (July 11)