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Made from white grapes — not citrus fruit — these sips taste very different to regular white wines of the same varietal

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Lost loved ones live on in the kitchen
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South Africa Tourism goes cold as popular shisanyama, Mzoli's Place, closes its doors
Linda Shaw Columnist
Your FREE yearly horoscope: Life, love, money in 2021

What do the stars hold in store for you this year?

Linda Shaw Columnist

What do the stars hold in store for you?

The Sunday Times book quiz

From Ottolenghi's flavourful latest title to Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' - test your literary knowledge here.

Working 55 hours or more per week poses ‘a serious health ...

A World Health Organisation study has shown working long hours is killing hundreds of thousands of people a year in a ...

EXPLAINER | Here's why your teen should get the Covid-19 ...

The following information should help parents deciding whether to inoculate their adolescent children.

EU supports Covid-19 vaccine patent waiver talks, but ...

Reuters reports the European Union on Thursday backed a US proposal to discuss waiving patent protections for Covid-19 ...

Fashion & Beauty
IN PICS | Four times Natasha Joubert shone on the Miss Universe stage

Natasha Joubert may have missed out on a spot in the Top 21 of the Miss Universe pageant, but she certainly flew the flag high for Mzansi throughout ...

WATCH | ‘My ancestors’ wildest dream come true’: Zozi Tunzi’s final moments as ...

The beauty queen may have handed over her crown to this year's winner, but she will 'forever be the landlord of the universe in our eyes'.

How exercise could be wrecking your skin

Running, hot yoga and spin classes may be accelerating premature ageing, writes Eugenie Kelly

Home & Gardening
IN PICS | Eight bedroom designs which prove neutral is never boring

Combining neutral materials and textures from natural stone to wood, linen, bamboo and more, these bedrooms have one trait in common: an atmosphere ...

Ready, steady, grow: How to create a vegetable garden in one weekend

Converting a lawn into an edible garden is an easy project that requires nothing more than enthusiasm, writes gardening guru Jane Griffiths

Sanet Oberholzer Lifestyle writer
Working from home? How to tell if you’re eligible to claim back tax

For many people, the flexibility that comes with working from home has been a welcome perk of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bring the joy of reading to kids who need it most

'Storytime: South African Stories for Children', published by Book Dash, consists of four delightfully illustrated ...

A captivating record of the ancient and vanishing world of ...

'San Elders Speak: Ancestral Knowledge of the Kalahari San' is the first attempt to document indigenous knowledge ...

An insider’s view from a man who took a brave stand for his ...

Compelling and revelatory, Themba Maseko's 'For My Country' shows what it takes to stand up for one’s principles and ...