This is the story behind Euphonik’s tweets

03 May 2016 - 15:08 By TMG Entertainment

On Sunday Euphonik again made the Twitter trends list because of his previous relationship with Bonang Matheba. After posting a 7-part tweet to his more than 700 000 followers on the social media platform‚ he found himself facing the wrath of Twitter. But what made him speak out? Here’s everything you need to know.Before his controversial tweets were published‚ Euphonik tweeted about Nasty C and how his new music is all about the bars and not the cars.Watch @Nasty_CSA show Okes how MUSIC. Is about BARS not CARS. — Euphonik™♛ (@euphonik) May 1, 2016asyncTwitter detectives took the comment as a swipe at AKA‚ who is dating Euphonik’s ex‚ Bonang. (Just two days earlier AKA had tweeted an image of a new car that he had purchased)Shots fired! Everything on the AKA‚ Pearl Thusi‚ Bonang Matheba‚ DJ Zinhle & Euphonik shadeThe message was retweeted over 500 times and his mentions were again filled with comments about how he can’t get over Bonang‚ how he hasn’t moved on and how he is jealous.“The funny thing is that he genuinely wasn’t even referring to AKA. He was making a comment in general. He also has fancy cars‚ so he was also referring to himself. He has no problem with AKA at all‚” one source close to Euphonik tells TMG Entertainment.After the barrage of messages‚ Euphonik couldn’t hold his tongue and decided to set the record straight.2. I don't have any issues or any beef with AKA he didn't take anything from me nor does he have anything or anyone I want. — Euphonik™♛ (@euphonik) May 1, 2016async 3. I'm going to be a billionaire, a property BILLIONAIRE, and that requires having stability and a partner that's mentally stable...alas... — Euphonik™♛ (@euphonik) May 1, 2016async 4. You can ALL carry on believing that She broke up with me. Reality is if I wanted Hlanyo back. The week wouldn't end. — Euphonik™♛ (@euphonik) May 1, 2016