Dumi Masilela's family search for peace in the midst of tragedy

07 August 2017 - 08:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Dumi Masilela died last week after being shot in an attempted hijacking.
Image: Via Dumi's Instagram Dumi Masilela died last week after being shot in an attempted hijacking.

Walking down the road approaching the home of Dumi Masilela, the air is thick with sadness but full of resolve, just like the family of the late Rhythm City actor.

Dumi's death in a botched hijacking last week left many paralysed with grief while the family received an outpouring of condolences from fans, friends and politicians. It is the tragic tale of a talented actor cut down in his prime, hit with a single bullet while out on what was supposed to be an ordinary visit with a friend in Tembisa.

The shock that swept through the Masilela family took its toll on his aunt who died after hearing about her nephew's death. A single ambulance now stands outside the house, a painful reminder of that tragedy and as a "precaution".

Neighbours describe Dumi as a "lovely boy from a great family" who always had respect for those around him and loved God. 

Soft sobs, gentle whispers and subdued singing is heard as neighbours, family, friends and colleagues, including the entire Rhythm City cast, enter the family home in Kempton Park.

"We are just a normal Christian family that is trying to cope with what has happened. In the last few days we have gone through every emotion you can imagine from shock to sadness to anger and frustration. We are angry but will not hold on to anger. In time, we will forgive the men who killed Dumi," his brother Mbongeni told TshisaLIVE.

Dumi's family say that they hope police will find the men responsible for Dumi's death but don't need an arrest for closure.

"Of course we want justice, but we will move on whether they are found or not. We will forgive them where possible because we are not baying for their blood. They have to live with the knowledge that they have killed a young husband and son," Mbongeni said.

He said that the family was now searching for peace and was doing all they could to deal with the tragedy.


Recounting the final moments before Dumi was rushed off to theatre, Mbongeni said that his brother urged him to stay strong, something his family have promised to do- even in the face of tragedy.