Resting b**ch face chronicles | Mo Setumo used to be a rude teen, here's why

01 May 2018 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress Mo Setumo says she has a thick skin and embraced her resting b**ch face in her teens.
Actress Mo Setumo says she has a thick skin and embraced her resting b**ch face in her teens.
Image: Via Instagram

The Queen actress Motsoaledi Setumo is probably one of the most bubbly people you'll ever meet, but she has mastered the art of a mean resting b***h face and if you don't know her, you'd think she's ready to tell you off.

Mo told TshisaLIVE that it wasn't until her teens that she was told she has a RBF. She said when she learnt what it meant, she decided to embrace it so she could fend her bullies off in high school.

"Growing up, people would always tell me that I had a resting bi*** face, because they said I looked uninterested or just plain rude. Not that I am, because on the contrary, I am a very approachable and bubbly person. But because I was just sick and tired of people around me bullying me, so I would just keep that face so that people don't talk to me."

Motsoaledi has revealed that she was a victim of bullying as a teenager and also had a low self-esteem. The actor said pulling her fave RBF and being rude is part of how she survived her hectic teen years, for lack of a better coping mechanism. 

Ohhh, okay.

So what is a resting bi*** face?

It can be descibed as the face people make (others are born with it) where they seem expressionless or their faces read as bored, unapproachable, grumpy or not interested.

Who has this face in celebville?

Many, many (no, like a lot!) of your faves have it. But some of the most iconic ones include:

Kanye West.


Most people with RBF are actually cool peeps once you get to know them. With celebrities, it's never easy to tell because, well, these people can act.

Anyhoo, Motsoaledi is quite cool actually and at least she knows why she embraced her RBF. It turned out to be a great asset for her.

Do you have it? We know we've been practising.