Bonang’s classy clapback to claims she goes for 'guy after guy'

A tweep asked what she is doing with her life.

21 May 2018 - 09:58 By Kyle Zeeman
Bonang put a hater in their place.
Bonang put a hater in their place.
Image: Bonang Matheba via Twitter

Bonang is like super saine 100 when it comes to blocking out hate but occasionally she just has to grab her phone and let a person know their place in life.

It all started when a hater hijacked a conversation between B and a fan asking how old she was. When the troll heard that B was a whole 30, the person asked her what she was doing with her life besides going for "guy after guy and not having any babies".

We were on some...

The B Force strapped up their boots and grabbed their data bundles to defend their queen.

Bonang is living her best life in Cannes at the moment but caused a bit of a ruckus back home when she hit back with a classy response to the "check your life" tweet.

Knowing B, she then blocked the troll faster than DMF'S Raymond being blue ticked by slay queens.

But Queen B has spoken about the whole babies and man thing before.

She responded to a similar tweet late last year, telling fans: "We have different priorities," and "Dear Male, you're trying to tell me what I want/need. Please stop."

Bonang also told TshisaLIVE in a previous interview that she was currently focused on her reality show, being happy and getting her coins.

"It's not about doing what's popular anymore. It is about paying things forward and doing things that are right for me," she added.