Zodwa to donate 10k to mom with disabled child

25 June 2018 - 11:21 By Jessica levitt
Zodwa wants to share her hard earned cash.
Zodwa wants to share her hard earned cash.
Image: Instagram

Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu might be all about the guap but that doesn't mean she isn't giving. Zodwa plans on donating R10,000 to a mom who has a disabled child.

She said she was on Facebook and saw posts of the mom, who was holding her disabled baby in the video, pleading for money.

Zodwa said the moment touched her heart and she reached out to the family.

"I was looking back at my own life when I had nothing. You can't just be rich and bragging about expensive alcohol. I'm Zodwa for the people and let me share," she said.

Zodwa will be meeting the family on Tuesday to not only see where her money will be going but to verify all of the details of the situation in person.

She said the child has been unable to get proper medical attention and she want to make a difference.