Ntokozo 'TK' Dlamini on being a parent with Jessica Nkosi: I can't wait

06 July 2018 - 09:50 By Jessica Levitt
Proud parents in waiting: TK and Jessica.
Proud parents in waiting: TK and Jessica.
Image: Instagram

Jessica Nkosi surprised many when she confirmed she was pregnant. And she made the announcement on the cover of True Love, baby bump in full view.

Now her bae, Ntokozo 'TK' Dlamini has spoken to Drum about his excitement about being a dad.

"I can't wait to hold her," he said.

Yup, it's a girl.

TK and Jessica have kept their romance pretty low-profile and the actor said he wants to be recognised for his work, not his relationship.

He told Drum that he was away when Jessica told him they were going to be parents.

"The baby is a major part of my life. It's such a happy moment for me and Jessica. This child is a blessing no amount of money could buy."