J'Something to his Mrs: It's an honour being your man

21 July 2018 - 07:00 By Jessica Levitt
J's love for Coco is every.damn.thing.
J's love for Coco is every.damn.thing.
Image: Instagram

J'Something has always been private about his personal life, but when he does decide to share, we're all in awe of his romantic side.

He posted a picture of himself and his wife Coco on social media with a long message that got our hearts beating fast.

"I’m your warrior baby. I’m your soldier. I’m your king. I’m your husband. I’m your protector. I will be on the frontline of every battle we go into. We do not walk alone ... where we walk the creator of the heavens and earth walks. I’m behind you, beside you, and will go in front of you on this journey of ours."

And there's more.

"There isn’t one day since we’ve been one that I would change or regret ... every moment with you on this earth has been beyond my wildest imagination. It is an honour being your man."

But. Guys. Sheesh.

How do you live with a man like this? No matter what he does, he just pops in a few lyrics and you're done.