Robert Marawa on marriage: It would be a huge step

30 July 2018 - 08:00 By Jessica Levitt
Robert opens up about love.
Robert opens up about love.
Image: Instagram

As Robert Marawa prepares to make his return to the SABC on Wednesday, he spoke to the Sunday Times about radio, love and being a "simple farm boy."

Robert, who left the broadcaster last year after a very public split, told the paper that he was looking forward to the return and those people who plotted to get rid of him are no longer employed by the broadcaster.

After confirming last year that he and actress Pearl Thusi were no longer an item, his legions of fans have been wondering if anyone has managed to capture his heart.

He told the paper that he was in a relationship - with his mom and his sisters.

"I'm not exactly in the line of work that has a lot of consistency levels when it comes to successful marriages. I'm not using that as an excuse, I'm just saying that marriage, I think, could potentially be a wonderful thing if the two people who are together have the same view and vision around whatever... Maybe I've just focussed a lot more on work. It would be a huge step."

Despite his reluctance to seal the deal, the question remains whether he considers himself a hunk?

"I'm just a normal farm boy."

Well, we're sure there are plenty of farm wives just a waitin'