Fikile Mbalula sets Donald straight after 'retweet' disappointment

04 September 2018 - 12:50 By Kyle Zeeman
Donald Moatshe was looking for support from Twitter.
Donald Moatshe was looking for support from Twitter.
Image: Instagram/ Donald Moatshe

Fikile Mbalula has never been shy to share his opinions about musicians and has even come out to give RnB crooner Donald some music advice this week.

Donald found himself on the Twitter trends list on Monday after he struggled to get support for his new music video.

The musician asked fans to retweet a post about the video for his single Sanctuary Love, 5, 000 times but after a few hours he barely got 500.

Donald flooded his timeline with requests to support the idea but his situation looked so bad that at one point even Fikile thought he should abandon the idea.

Taking to Twitter Fikile addressed Donald and told him to focus on music and not getting the street's approval.

He said that Donald should go ahead with the video without having to set retweet targets.

"You can shoot your video and tell them ubungayoleli with that tweet," he added.

Donald acknowledged the tweet and said he would push ahead with his efforts.

Luckily, the fuss around the music video helped Donald get over the line so we'll ACTUALLY be able to see the video become a thing after all.