IN MEMES | Mapula was beaten to a pulp & stuffed into an unused deep freezer

The stories on #Ufelani will give you chills...

01 November 2018 - 09:17 By Chrizelda Kekana
'Ufelani' highlighted the scourge of woman abuse.
'Ufelani' highlighted the scourge of woman abuse.
Image: 123rf/ Siam Pukkato

While every episode of Ufelani so far has given tweeps the chills and left them feeling like relationships have become a death threat, Wednesday night's episode was a tad different in that the woman in the middle of the horror story lived to tell the tale.

That is probably the reason why Twitter found a way to make a mockery out of the episode where English played 'hide and seek' with a cop.

The policeman said, "you are under arrested" instead of "you are under arrest" and of course Twitter ran with it!

Despite the jokes they made out of the English faux pas, tweeps still took time out to listen to Mapula's story and how she survived a relationship that should have killed her. 

Mapula, a survivor of physical and emotional abuse explained how she suffered several assaults at the hands of her boyfriend.

Loving, caring for and feeding her boyfriend for years didn't stop him from beating her up every day. She explained that she had accepted his ill-treatment because she had nowhere to go. Until the day where she was beaten to a pulp and stuffed into an unused deep freezer.

But Mapula lived to tell the tale.