Mpho Sibeko on Scandal! setback and beating the odds

01 January 2019 - 10:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Mpho Sibeko has taken the long route to fame.
Mpho Sibeko has taken the long route to fame.
Image: Supplied/ Scandal!

After the pain of losing out on the chance to play the role of Romeo on's popular soapie Scandal! Mpho Sibeko finally got his break on the soapie in a role as a devious pastor called Samson.

The star, who has previously had roles on Rhythm City and Gold Diggers, told TshisaLIVE that he has taken the longer road to fame.

"I have wanted to be on Scandal! for the longest time. In fact, from the time that Romeo was brought in, I remember I auditioned for that and even got a call back. I was hopeful and thought it was finally my time to get a major role but a good friend of mine, Bongani got it."

He said that despite the disappointment he was still super happy for his friend and said he didn't mind losing out as long as "one of the boys gets it."

But the next few months saw him making appearances on several projects while trying to get another big break.

"You try and keep your head up and stay positive. You learnt to speak to yourself and reassure yourself that what you're doing is right and will come right in time."

He said that acting was in his blood and he couldn't imagine being anything else, even if they industry can be ruthless sometimes.

"You learn to adapt, I guess. I think the key is not let it swallow you. Too many people get swallowed up in it and change who they are. I haven't changed, my friends can tell you that. I think it's because it (acting) is just part of who I am."