Barbz exposes fake account trying to 'pimp' young women

12 January 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Babalwa Mneno has once again addressed claims she has been "pimping" young women.
Babalwa Mneno has once again addressed claims she has been "pimping" young women.
Image: Instagram/ Babalwa Mneno

Socialite and businesswoman Babalwa “Barbz” Mneno has cast the spotlight on a fake Instagram account using her name to try to solicit young women to "entertain" rich men.

Babalwa has long since been accused of "pimping" young women but has rubbished the claims on numerous occasions in the past.  

She took to Twitter to post a series of screenshots showing messages from the fake account to a young woman. In the chat, the person pretending to Barbz claims she was looking for someone to "entertain" a wealthy Nigerian businessman and offers the woman a 40-inch Brazilian weave and the possibility of earning R40k "for a night".

The girl, who was apparently struggling for rent money appeared to be hesitant at first but decided to enquire further.  

Babalwa once again expressed anger over the claims and wished severe punishment upon the culprit. 

"This is becoming laughable! I don’t even write like this! Trek suit?! I hope God punishes you hard, whoever did this shi*t! Once again, I do not look for nobody to make no money and I do not pimp! God will punish you for this. Whoever you are, God will get you boo."

She also dismissed suggestions that she knew the person involved in the fiasco, saying she would never ask a person to DM her, like the fraud person running the fake account had done.

"LMAO! I told a person to DM me? Me? People that know me know I don’t even do DMs. I don’t approach people, don’t like friends and will never try mingle with people I don’t know."