WATCH | Some of Andile Ncube and his gran's hilariously cute moments

16 March 2019 - 11:59 By Chrizelda Kekana
Andile Ncube's grandmother is loved by many.
Andile Ncube's grandmother is loved by many.
Image: Instagram/Andile Ncube

When Andile Ncube first started sharing videos of his grandmother, Mzansi quickly fell in love with the witty grandma, who is now 82 years old.

It's damn near impossible not to laugh when you watch some of the interactions between Andile and his lovely gogo in the videos he shares.

In one of the videos, which Andile shared as part of his birthday message for her, the presenter tells his grandmother that he's been sent by the family to ask her for an organ so that it can be donated to Andile's uncle.

Her response was unforgettable. After laughing her lungs out, she replies, "Yhu! Never!"

In other videos, Andile's gogo talks about "skin jean" (skinny jeans) and drinking "Moyeni" (Moët). 

Watch the videos below (don't forget to swipe left).

The woman is clearly a blessing to Andile - and by extension, to the rest of us.