WATCH | Forget Woolies water, we’ve been sleeping on the power of Mageu

Viral video of a kid drinking Mageu & launching into proper Zulu is the most hilarious thing you will see today

21 March 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
A pupil drinks Mageu and suddenly speaks fluent Zulu.
A pupil drinks Mageu and suddenly speaks fluent Zulu.

Just when the hype around the effects of Woolies water is beginning to die down, a video of a school boy being transformed by the power of Mageu has gone viral.

Woolworths water was the talk of the town last week when a video of a group of young men demonstrating the "special powers" of it was shared on social media.

Speaking in IsiZulu, the group of guys could be seen holding bottled water from the upmarket retailer and chatted about how they've heard it could work magic. After they drank the water their accent changed to 'boytjie' mode.

But did you know that a swig of Mageu has the opposite effect.

In a video widely shared on social media, a school boy could be heard speaking to "the boets" before taking a drink of the popular drink and being able to speak fluent Zulu afterwards. 

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