Anastasia Griffith on why you should watch Deep State: 'It speaks directly to Africa'

15 May 2019 - 09:06 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Season two of Deep State premiers on Wednesday. Anastasia Griffith plays the role of CIA agent Amanda Jones.
Season two of Deep State premiers on Wednesday. Anastasia Griffith plays the role of CIA agent Amanda Jones.
Image: Fox Network Groups

Murky dealings, fast life, greed and a pursuit of Africa's natural resources such as oil and gas at anyone's expense are what Anastasia Griffith, who plays the role of CIA agent Amanda Jones in Deep State, said viewers could look forward to in the second season of the tv show, which premiers on Wednesday evening. 

Since the series was shot in Cape Town as well as in Morocco, Griffith said the story could not be more relevant to the African audience, as it spoke directly to the issues that plagued the continent. Griffith said the entire cast, which is inclusive of local talent, did their best to ensure that they tell the story the best way possible.

On the storyline and why people need to tune in, she said: "This is a story about your part of the world and the pending war on natural resources and how they are in such high demand."

"What Africa is being subjected to by the West is unjust and unfair. This game play keeps me awake at night, the way people are treated in pursuit of the fast life. My team and I made sure that we are true to the characters, and I loved how brilliant and genuine Lilly Banda is. She and all the local actors we worked with did an amazing job."

Griffith said because the exploitation of Africa and its natural resources is not a new issue, more needs to be done to prevent that it keeps happening. Everyone is individually responsible, just as the corporate world is. 

"We are responsible for the way we live life. I am very aware of the responsibility to protect the planet and each other. We need to acknowledge our privileges, have less and give more. The corporate world certainly needs to change the decisions they are making."

She added that the show is more than just entertainment, and that it also shows the happenings in the real world. "Deep State does more than just tell the story, it portrays Africa for what it is which is a portrayal of greed and fast living. Deep State asks relevant and burning questions."

Deep State will broadcast on Fox Africa on Wednesdays at 8:45pm.