IN MEMES | ‘Gomora’ fans smell a conwoman in Nonhle Thema's Cleo

Mzansi knows a con artist when they see one and Nonhle Thema's character looks like she's about to say, “Ask me how?”

15 September 2020 - 11:00
Nonhle Thema plays Cleo on Gomora.
Nonhle Thema plays Cleo on Gomora.
Image: Twitter/Mzansi Magic

As if Gomora's Pretty hasn't had enough lemons thrown her way in life, now she has to deal with Cleo who is ready to trap Sbonga into getting involved in her dodgy “investment” schemes.

Just as Pretty was getting back on her feet, Cleo, aka Barbie girl (who is played by Nonhle Thema), made an appearance in the tavern, flaunting money like a millionaire.

Pretty was reading off the “troublemaker vibe” from Cleo when fate went and made the whole thing worse for her. As it turns out, her hubby Sbonga and Cleo go way back.

It only took a few scenes with Cleo for Gomora viewers to suss out her vibe. After she ordered the most expensive bottle of whisky, bought the whole tavern free drinks and gifted Zodwa R200 so she can “YOLO”, fans knew that she was busy selling a front.

Mzansi knows a con artist when they see one, and it was quickly confirmed when Cleo started showing Sbonga her big mansion and multiple super expensive cars (a whole Merc and a Lambo).

She explained to Sbonga that she got all her riches after she quit her 9-to-5 job in Sandton and started her own company called Pusha Investments.

Viewers knew from that moment that Cleo was only a few minutes away from saying “ask me how?” to Sbonga,  who already looks like he's fallen for the trap.

Fans had the memes to express their feels, check them out below: