Mhlanga is executive chief economist at Alexander Forbes.

ISAAH MHLANGA | Hawkishness heard from Reserve Bank

The South African Reserve Bank kept the policy repurchase rate unchanged at 8.25% at the March Monetary Policy Committee meeting and kept its ...

ISAAH MHLANGA | When assessing the future, the trend is your friend

Technocrats and market watchers, including myself, have a liking for accuracy to the fourth decimal place, which makes sense when dealing with ...

ISAAH MHLANGA | Hard choices ahead for Godongwana in upcoming budget

The minister of finance will on Wednesday table the 2024/25 budget in a challenging global and domestic environment. These challenges necessitate ...

ISAAH MHLANGA | Poll or no poll, the Reserve Bank does its own thing

Independence is demonstrated by decisions during election years, even though the debt-to-GDP ratio is less prudent

ISAAH MHLANGA | The outlook for 2024? Challenging and volatile

This year will likely be one of the most challenging for policymakers, and very volatile for financial markets.

ISAAH MHLANGA | General decline due to lack of investment

As usual, when GDP statistics were released this week, there were various analyses of what this means for South Africa.

ISAAH MHLANGA | Reserve Bank had good reasons to keep the repo rate steady

Headline consumer price inflation (CPI) for October surprised to the upside, jumping to 5.9% year on year, up from 5.4% in September and higher than ...

ISAAH MHLANGA | Israel-Hamas war could escalate, leading to oil crisis

With a little over 30 days to December 15, when many South Africans go on leave, it is useful to assess where we are in global markets, writes Isaah ...

ISAAH MHLANGA | Disinvestment narrative seems to have been overblown

Are offshore investors dumping SA? The data does not support this, writes Isaah Mhlanga

ISAAH MHLANGA | Middle East war is ominous for South Africa

The conflict is likely to drive up energy prices, which will fuel inflation. Our partnership with Iran in Brics also raises concerns, writes Isaah ...