Go ahead, kill yourselves

10 November 2010 - 02:18 By Mike Tanski, Weltevreden Park

Mike Tanski, Weltevreden Park: To all the losers who think it clever to operate a motor vehicle and use a cellphone at the same time:

I was at the scene of an accident in which a young woman driver smashed head-on into another car while using her cellphone, and died.

You losers ought to have seen the look on her mother's face when she saw her daughter in the wreckage.

Are you that enslaved to your silly piece of plastic and wires that you think you have the right to endanger my life on the road? I can't stop you endangering yours, but I will not just sit back and let you take a chance on my life. What on Earth is so important about the call that warrants this senseless behaviour?

Go ahead and kill yourselves. The sooner you do, the sooner this scourge is off our roads, but you take innocent people with you as well. If you are that absolutely enslaved to this thing and must talk on it, pull off the road as the law requires.

We all survived without it before it came to be.