Isuzu to launch high-riding D-MAX Arctic AT 35 limited edition

Bigger than a brawl at H20 this new bakkie is coming to ride over your Ranger

05 April 2019 - 16:38 By Thomas Falkiner
Go big or go home – the new Isuzu D-MAX Arctic AT 35.
Go big or go home – the new Isuzu D-MAX Arctic AT 35.
Image: Supplied

Fed up with all those Raptor-wannabes filling your mirrors with their body-kitted Ford Rangers? Struggling to find a bakkie truly worthy of those dangerous tribal tattoos caressing your massive, 'roid-fed biceps? Well you're in luck, boet, because Isuzu is launching the limited edition D-MAX Arctic AT 35 in May. 

Bigger than than a brawl at H20, the new D-MAX Arctic AT 35 is basically a standard 300 4x4 Double Cab LX Auto fitted with a raised suspension system developed in collaboration with Arctic Trucks: an Icelandic company renowned for re-engineering 4x4 vehicles. 48mm taller than the standard model it rides a full 268mm off the ground – ideal for ramping anything from kerbs to traffic islands. Hell, anything really.

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And just in case nobody notices Isuzu has also bolted on a set of flared wheel arches that not only add 180mm of width but also a healthy dose of 'don't-make-me-get-down-from-here' attitude. Rush Hour? Road rage? Owning two parking bays outside the local crossfit/EFC gym? With the new, R785 000 Isuzu D-MAX Arctic AT 35 you've got this.