Kia Picanto now comes with a service plan as standard

18 July 2019 - 08:23 By BD Motor News
All Kia Picantos now come with a service plan as standard.
All Kia Picantos now come with a service plan as standard.
Image: Supplied

Buyers of new Kia Picantos in SA will no longer have the option of choosing whether they wish to buy it with a service plan worth R5,600 as before. Kia Motors SA has now made the two-year/30,000km plan standard throughout the Picanto range.

“With the new two-year/30,000km service plan on all Kia Picanto models, customers not only know when to have their cars serviced, but also benefit from predictability of pricing over the plan’s duration,” says David Sieff, marketing director of Kia Motors SA.

“Servicing costs are set for the duration of the plan, meaning customers won’t have to pay anything extra for parts or labour should there be a price increase while the service plan is active, which is a notable value add.”

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The Picanto’s standard service plan includes, among others, a variety of filters (oil, fuel and air), lubricants, engine oil, spark plugs, coolant, the sump plug gasket, brake and clutch fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, as well as the standard workshop consumables. There are exclusions for certain wear and tear items.

The current-generation Picanto was introduced to SA in July 2017. It was a finalist in the 2018 South African Car of the Year competition and has a consistent presence in the top 10 bestselling cars in SA.

It’s available with a choice of 1.0l or 1.2l engines, manual or automatic transmissions, and four specification grades, priced from R158,995 to R228,995, and sold with a five-year/unlimited kilometers warranty.