Volvo Cars creating own software operating system for future EV models

30 June 2021 - 17:10 By Motoring Staff
VolvoCars.OS will be the software powering Volvo's next-generation of electric vehicles.
VolvoCars.OS will be the software powering Volvo's next-generation of electric vehicles.
Image: Supplied

Volvo Cars announced Wednesday that it is creating its own in-house software operating system to be used in its next generation of all-electric cars.

Developed in collaboration with US tech giant Google, VolvoCars.OS is an umbrella of the various operating systems in electric Volvos across the car and the cloud, and starts with Android Automotive OS and a new in-car display approach.

By intertwining engineering and design, Volvo Cars and Google are together building a user experience for simplicity to optimise safety. The user experience design is built on a clear split of information for the driver, according to the level of relevance while behind the wheel.

A high-resolution driver information screen gives the driver the most relevant information related to driving, such as speed and battery levels, while a heads-up display (HUD) helps keep key information in front of the driver without having to glance away.

Future Volvo models will also come with a large, centralised touch screen that provides rich content, easy-to-see information and responsive interaction. The principle is that everything customers need should be easily accessible via touch or voice command.

According to Volvo the result is a simple user experience that is consistent, clean, easily scannable and takes a minimalistic and contextual approach. It provides only the right and required information at the right time and ensures that drivers can focus on driving and remaining safe on the road.

“Our teams have spent a lot of time with Google to further develop and improve our user experience for the next generation of Volvo cars,” says Henrik Green, chief technology officer.

“Especially in terms of safety, serenity and simplicity, we have made great strides thanks to a deeper integration of design and technological development. We are convinced that it will allow us to create even better Volvo cars and set a new industry standard.”