Solar impulse flight can be followed online

13 May 2011 - 10:47 By afprelaxnews

The prototype plane Solar Impulse, which draws its power from the sun, is expected to make its first international flight on May 13. The event can be tracked via the official iOS and Android smart phone applications or online via the Solar Impulse website or follow the project on twitter or YouTube.

The solar powered plane was developed in Switzerland and in 2010 achieved the world's first manned 26 hour solar flight under the controls of pilot André Borschberg.

Since early 2011 the team behind Solar Impulse has been waiting for a chance for the plane to complete its first international flight.

On May 12 they announced that due to favorable weather conditions Solar Impulse was likely to begin its first trans-country flight on May 13 at 6:00am GMT+2 .

Solar Impulse is expected to take off from Payerne airfield in Switzerland at 6:00am GMT+2 pass over Luxembourg and land at Brussels airport at approximately 9pm (GMT+2) , once again the plane will be piloted by André Borschberg.

Members of the public can follow the solar powered flight either via the Solar Impulse website here or via a mobile device by downloading the official Solar Impulse app.

The free application for iOS devices is available to download at here, an Android version is also available for free here .

Both apps provide live news updates and data on the plane's speed, location and altitude.

The Solar Impulse project can also be followed via twitter (@solarimpulse) videos of previous flights can be watched via the official YouTube channel.

Though the wide spread commercialization of this kind of solar technology is a long way off the team state on the official website that they hope Solar Impulse can demonstrate the potential of renewable energy and demonstrate the importance of new technologies.