Accidental shooting means funeral instead of wedding

25 February 2013 - 10:48 By Sapa
Gun. File photo
Gun. File photo
Image: Gallo Images/Thinkstock

A prospective bridegroom who would have married, was killed in a freak accident involving his own gun.

Beeld reported that Seymore Coetsee, 34, manager of the luxury game farm Swala Lodge, about 30 km west of Bela-Bela, was shot on Friday while he was moving a washing machine in the home he and his fiancee would have occupied after their marriage.

An emotional Bryn Thomas, the owner of Swala Lodge, said the gun had been lying on top of the washing machine. It fell on the floor and went off, as the safety clip was not on.

The bullet hit Coetsee in the stomach and exited through his back, before it hit the roof.

His fiancee, Sam Sampson, 34, was standing a few steps behind him when the shot went off.

After the accident, Coetsee was still alive, but he died in the ambulance en route to Pretoria.

Coetsee's sister, Annemie, who is married to Sampson's brother, Marius, arrived from Britain on Sunday to attend the wedding, still unaware of the tragedy.

Trudie Laubscher of Klerksdorp, Coetsee's aunt, said the family was devastated.

"It is terrible to have to inform joyous relatives at the airport that they're going to be attending a funeral instead of a wedding," a tearful Laubscher said.