Steers told using beef for fake bacon macon is fakin'

30 April 2014 - 17:27 By Sapa
A Steers hamburger.
A Steers hamburger.
Image: Steers

A woman has laid a complaint against Steers over its macon burger advertising, claiming it is misleading and violates religious beliefs because the meat used is beef.

Marsha Govender complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that macon is a product made from mutton or soya.

She argued that the use of the word macon for beef products violated religious beliefs.

The Muslim community in South Africa does not eat bacon, and many Hindus do not eat beef.

The macon burger advertisement appeared on the Steers website.

When its halaal link is accessed, the advertisement says: "Macon & cheese combo 49.90" and "Big macon king steer 51.90".

Steers submitted that it did not intend to offend or violate anyone's religious beliefs.

It argued that macon was a term given to products made from mutton, soya, or beef.

"Steers uses macon for its bacon burgers, which are made from beef and are advertised as a macon burger in respect of its halaal (Muslim) customers who do not eat bacon," Steers said.

"In order to avoid any confusion with the Hindu religion it will change the name of its macon burgers to 'beef macon burger'."

The ASA said that when an advertiser provided an undertaking to withdraw or amend its advertising to address the concerns raised, the undertaking could be accepted without considering the merits of the matter.

"As the respondent's undertaking to change the description to beef macon addresses the complainant's concerns, there is no need for the [ASA] directorate to consider the merits of the matter at this time," it said.

The authority ordered that the advertisement not be used again in future.